Review of Sarah Brooke POV Boxing Defeat

Review of Hit The MatSarah Brooke POV Boxing Defeat – 7 Mins

SarahSeems to be your lucky day, as Sarah Brooke quickly becomes your punching bag! Sarah’s punches have become weak, and her belly becomes one of your primary targets. See up close as your punches connect with her belly, bare breasts, and face! She is an expert at making damsel in distress suffering look sexy.

This last sentence of this synopsis is absolutely the best point about this video. This vid is a little bit short at only 7 mins, I would like to see these cross the 10 minute mark, but Sarah is amazing in this one sided POV boxing beatdown, making great expressions, reacting very well to the punches, and just looking so helpless, even when she’s throwing punches, her punches just look so weak and desperate. It’s really a great job by Sarah. We get plenty of knock downs too, as well as a few punches while she’s down. She gets weaker and weaker, struggling back to her feet as the match goes on, making the final KO almost a blessing, putting her out of her misery. It’s a very great defeat and a very great performance from Sarah.

Overall Score: 9/10