Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSAPPHIRE vs THE VAMPIRESS – 28 mins

The evil Vampiress Sumiko has successfully terminated 5 of her most worthy foes, all vampire hunters led by the enraged Sapphire, who has tracked the vampire to her lair. The two face off and do battle, but it’s obvious that Sumiko has the kind of strength no human can compete with. She rocks Sapphire’s face with punches and kicks until a final jaw kick sends the Latina flying into an unconscious heap. Confident that she’s won the battle, the Vampiress surveys her own lair, looking for ways the hunter could have broken in, all while Sapphire comes to and pulls out a bottle of garlic spray, mixed with touches of silver. She sprays it in the Vampiress’ face, which elicits instant panic and shock from the evildoer. The spray doesn’t kill her, but it’s enough to weaken her and strip her of her powers. What follows is a vengeance best serves HOT as Sapphire proceeds to destroy the Vampiress with her favorite tricks, holds, and finishers, all starting with a hypnosis session that turns the evil creature into her willing slave and ending with Sapphire destroying the evil Sumiko with sunlight!

This is a really epic vid, the story is solid and well done, but once the ball gets rolling, what we have her is Sumiko being destroyed by Sapphire, wearing an very sexy red outfit with matching red contacts. Added is the fact that Sumiko is not only in a really awesome outfit for half of the video, but she’s also been hypnotized and ordered to not fight back. Sapphire orders Sumiko around, knocking her out again and again, with mainly kicks and punches and her trusty tazer, only to demand her to get back up for more. Halfway through, Sapphire takes Sumiko’s costume in exchange for a pink bikini, then continues her beatdown. To top it all off, Sapphire carries Sumiko to the shower for more punches and shocks with the tazer. Finally, Sapphire takes Sumiko from the shower to the bed and then takes her out with sunlight from a nearby window, since Sumiko is a vampire after all. Sumiko fades to dust and Sapphire’s justice has been served. Probably the only time in SKW history that a Vampiress has been defeated and in great fashion. Overall, this is definitely one for the history books, with Sumiko giving yet another classic performance, in this very cool and unique video.

Overall Score: 10/10