Review of Samantha’s Hallway Distress

Review of Evangeline Von WinterSamantha’s Hallway Distress – 12 Mins

SAMSamantha Grace is walking home when she is surprised by Levi who renders her helpless. Then over the shoulder carried to the stairwell where she is layer down and fondled for a while before being rendered helpless again and carried to her apartment where she is further undressed and fondled.

A nice chloro, limp play vid here, Samantha is the perfect victim, as the smooth talking Levi easily takes her down. Sam’s sexy dress quickly reveals that she’s not wearing any panties as she’s played with on the steps outside the apartment, which is a beautiful little treat. Sam wakes up several times, but Levi always has his cloth handy to put her right back out. After Levi gets rid of the sexy dress and shoes, we get some good foot play and plenty of great shots of every bit of Samantha. In the end, it just a simple limp play vid, but Samantha being the victim and there being plenty of her struggling through a bunch of KOs, makes this one extra special.

Overall Score: 9/10