Review of Sleeperkid’s World SAHRYE vs THE MACHINE – 17 Mins

SAHRYEYou know the story. Girl comes to SKW. Girl talks smack about The Machine. The Machine shows up and destroys his detractor! Only this time it’s the beautiful SAHRYE who gets to meet (and lose to) the masked man whose real identity remains a total mystery!!! Sahrye starts off in a luchadora mask of her own, only to get taken out, unmasked, and completely annihilated! The lovely Latina delivers one hell of a jobber performance, taking tons of brutal moves and finishers until The Machine finally decides to put her down and out the night!

Piledrivers is the name of this game and we get them by the dozen. Sahrye, who starts out as a luchadora, with a name that me or Jacquelyn Velvets, who’s commenting, can’t quite figure out how to repeat, puts on an amazing show for us, as she suffers through plenty of piledrivers and a couple of sleepers. There is lots of really over the top twitching and great eyerolling. Jackie does her best, covering some of the action and trying to keep up with all the Spanish words, even adding her own touch to the language along the way. In the end the Machine again reigns supreme, leaving his usual calling card on the defeated unmasked luchadora.

Overall Score: 9.5/10