Review of Sadistic Fight Club #2

Review of Crimini ItalianiSadistic Fight Club #2 – 35 mins

Francis Geffa, is the sadistic organizer who welcomes you to Sadistic Fight Club, which is the first and only Italian extreme fight federation, where young women will compete in brutal submissions matches. Today is Niky is challenging Ivy, the sadistic company’s manager. The girls get introduced and the fight is on. Ivy starts off talking trash talk, which causes her to get slapped by Niky. Ivy didn’t take it too well, as she starts to beat the crap out of Niky even using a chain wrapped around her fist to make thing easier. Once Niky is weakened, Ivy uses that chain to choke Niky. Niky tries to fight but soon passes out. Ivy lets her go, but sees Niky waking and decides to choke Niky more. Again Niky struggles are useless as she’s choked out again. Ivy poses over Niky and Francis checks on Niky. Unable to wake Niky, Francis claims Ivy as the winner. They have a long talk all in Italian, long enough for Niky to wake up and come back for revenge. She attacks Ivy for behind, using a stick to and a reverse bear hug to beat Ivy down. Niky wants revenge, using a string to choke Ivy out. Ivy struggles for a while but soon enough passes out. Retribution gained, Niky poses over the twitching Ivy before leaving.

This video both hits and misses, all at the same time. The set up for this vid takes forever, it’s all in Italian, so I’m not sure what they’re talking about, but no matter what, it shouldn’t take that long. Then the fighting starts and it’s awesome! Ivy seems so merciless as she beatsdown Niky, choking the life our of her, twice. Niky twitches and sticks her tongue it petty much the whole time she’s being choked, even after she’s out, her eyes stay open and she continues twitching. Then, ivy and Francis talk forever, again, I have no idea what they’re saying, but no reason it should take take that long. When Niky comes to get her revenge, again the action is golden. Ivy isn’t as great with all the eye crossing, twitching and sticking her tongue out as Niky, but it’s still pretty great. In the end there’s a weird music montage, that highlights the fight, with an overlay of Ivy still laid out twitching. It’s kind of cool, and kind of hard to see what’s going on, but a nice try at something different. Overall, this has way way way too much talking, especially when the action is so over the top and amazing. Cut the talking down 80% and you’d have an 9.5 video, easy.

Overall seore: 8/10