Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRYAN vs THE MACHINE – 17 mins

We fade in on the lovely Ryan (from, talking smack about the SKW roster.  She demands that anyone who’s ever shot for SKW challenge her to a KOs battle, meanwhile the dark and mysterious Machine lurks from the shadows.  He emerges, stepping into ring and trapping her in a sleeper hold, quickly ending her taunts and knocking her out as Miss Velvets begins her commentary. Needless to say, poor Ryan is in big trouble and The Machine takes every opportunity to humiliate and KO the Arizona wrestler, ending it all with a stunner/sleeper hold combo that leads to a relieved Miss Velvets counting the final pin count. After the final count, The Machine has one more humiliating trick up his sleeve, as he picks up the beaten Ryan and hangs her limp form in the corner.

The Machine somehow tagged along with SK and Miss Velvets on their trip to Arizona, but he’s still up to his no good sneak attack tactics. Ryan is his target this time, She’s still got that “new car smell”, when it comes to wrestling, but has been an impressive performer thus far. You can add this one to her list of great performances as she sells great. She also looks great in her one piece and all white boots. Of course The Machine brings it, with lots of great and powerful moves, easily dominating the FWR rookie. Jacquelyn Velvets is behind the camera and doing her awesome commentary. I think she’s got it down to a science now, always knowing when and what to say to help the video. Overall, Ryan is definitely someone we should all be keeping an eye on, she still new, but already delivering great vids.

Overall Score: 9/10