Review of Round and Round they KO

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsRound and Round they K O – 18 mins

Jade and Sahrye are introduced by Keri Spectrum. They are having the most KOs in 15 minutes match. The ladies face off and Sahrye gets on top first, body pinning Jade with all of her weight. She then creeps up her body and gets in to a school girl pin position which allows her to sweep her leg under Jade’s neck and apply an asphyxiating front head scissor. Jade lasts as long as she can, but it’s not long before her eyes roll and she’s out. The next round begins and the ladies lock up again, and it’s Jade that takes control this time. She takes Sahrye down and applies a crushing body scissor, transitioning from that into a full nelson/body scissor combo. After weakening her a bit, Jade applies a rear naked choke to Sahrye to send her out and take the round. Onto the third round. The girls lock up and Sahrye goes for a bear hug. She gets Jade off the ground, but they soon go crashing down. Jade manages to get her legs around Sahrye again, posting off of the wall and squeezing tight, but Sahrye escapes. She takes Jade’s back and applies her full body weight until she’s flat on the ground and she’s able to slap on a reverse head scissor. Jade fights it tooth and nail, but Sahrye is just too strong. Her legs take control and Jade falls victim to another K O. The next round begins with Jade being taken down immediately and put in a kneeling surfboard. It looks really bad for Jade right off the bat. Somehow she musters up a bit of strength and breaks free, jumping to her feet and surprising Sahrye. Getting creative, Jade applies an abdominal stretch and puts a guillotine hold around Sahrye’s neck at the same time. Sahrye is shocked and needless to say over the next minute falls victim to the hold. The next round has Jade feeling a little spirited, so she lets her ego get in the way and is immediately put in a push-up position reverse head scissor by Sahrye, bearing the weight of Sahrye’s entire body on her shoulders. She strains against it, trying to escape, and Sahrye eventually pulls her down flat. When they’re both on the mats, she transitions to a tight reverse figure four head scissor, holding her foot to apply more pressure to Jade. Surprisingly, Jade sticks it out and makes it through the hold, and is able to apply a back breaking camel clutch to Sahrye. Now being the experimental one, Jade lets go of Sahrye’s chin and applies a sleeper hold while still having the camel clutch locked on. Sahrye kicks and protests, but can’t escape, and it’s another round for Jade. The final round, Sahrye is chomping at the bit to possibly tie it up. The ladies launch at one another. Sahrye gets on another one of her famous reverse head scissors and is shocked when Jade gets on one of her own at the same time. They both squeeze tight, refusing to let go, and despite fighting it as hard as they can, go out at the same time. Keri deems it a draw, stating no winner due to the double K O.

This is a great back and forth KO battle. I like that it was going back and forth, till Jade takes two rounds in a row, giving you the feeling that Sahyre might be out of steam, but she wasn’t done yet. Each round ends with a good close up of the great reactions of girls as the pass out, fallowed by a great shot of them spread out on the floor. I really like the selling from both girls, they both make great expressions before passing out and look so good laid out on the floor. They also added a little exhaustion at the beginning of some of the rounds and a score board at the end, in case you weren’t paying attention. I would love to have a little on exhaustion from these girls and have that play a role in the outcome of the next round. This one does end in a double KO and a good one. I like double KOs to be included, but I’d rather have a winner, even if she passes out right after calming victory. Overall, this is a great vid, awesome selling, plenty of great holds and KOs and both super sexy girls are wearing nothing but thongs, I’ll never complain about that.

Overall Score: 9/10