Review of Rookie Upset

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRookie Upset – 14 mins

Sinn Sage is angry because she traveled all the way to FWR for the purpose of facing Antoinette in a title match. Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts, Antoinette is not available. Therefore, Sinn must face FWR rookie, Suzanne in a first to get four submissions match. After a brief exchange of words, Suzanne heads off to her corner, but is attacked by Sinn with a barrage of belly punches. Sinn then goes right to work getting her first submissions with a figure four leglock. Suzanne screams for mercy, desperately trying not to submit, but eventually gives in. Sinn goes on to take 3 rounds in a row, but Sinn makes one mistake as she prepares for her final move. She stands over a moaning Suzanne, taunting her and giving her time to recover. Although Suzanne is a rookie, she’s tough and not willing to be defeated so easily. She plants a hard punch in Sinn’s belly, stunning her. Before she knows it, Sinn is caught in a brutal bear hug that nearly squeezes the breath out of her. She soon Sinn submits and end up losing this battle after Suzanne shows her that she’s no rookie and gets the final three submissions from an abdominal stretch, a body scissors, and a painful figure four leglock that has poor Sinn Sage screaming in pain.

Sinn Sage is the whole entire reason I got this vid, even with no KOs at all and knowing that going in, I still am glad I got this one. Sinn looks amazingly sexy, as always and talks so much trash while she’s in control. Also this is the first time we get to see Suzanne doing any kind of losing and she does pretty well, still got a wait a while to see her get KO’d though. When Suzanne takes over, she again does great with her trash talking, as well as Sinn puts on a great submissive show. I really love watching Sinn lose, no matter what the rules are. She always sells to her best and never disappoints and Suzanne is looking to be another great addition to FWR that can win, lose and everything in between. Overall, it’s great to see Suzanne do a little jobbing and it’s awesome to see the once confident Sinn Sage screaming her submission in the end.

Overall Score: 8.5/10