Review of Rogue Cop

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Rogue Cop – 24.5 Mins

SashaLocal criminal, Sasha, returns from her last score, loot in hand. Little does she know, Officer Madison is hot on her tail. Sasha hides long enough to get the drop on Madison, knocking her down with a punch and a kick. Sasha mounts the crime fighter, ready to knock her out, however Madison manages to buck Sasha off, sending her flying forward. The female officer quickly hops on Sasha delivering brutal punches to her jaw. Madison then yanks Sasha back to her feet for more powerful punches to the face and body, explaining that she was told by her boss to bring her in! Sasha is easily KO’d by the cop and then Madison calls in to report her capture of the crook. Much to Madison’s displeasure, she’s told to wait for backup. Madison is sent into a rage, tired of being mistreated because she’s a woman. Madison screams “I QUIT!” before hanging up on her former boss. The now enraged ex-cop wakes Sasha, telling her that she’s no longer an officer of the law and she’s got some aggression she needs to take out. This all spells a long and painful day for poor Sasha, as the rogue cop gets all her anger out, choking, kicking, punching and knocking out the criminal. Eventually Sasha is stripped down to her bra and panties and thrown into the ring. Madison removes her own skin tight cop outfit to reveal her muscular and sexy bikini clad body and joins the groggy Sasha in the ring for some wrestling fun! Sasha finds herself choked on the ropes, clotheslined to the mat, scissored, and placed in a back breaking torture rack. Madison adds a few more very creative wrestling holds then finally pulls poor Sasha into a front breast smother … but also gets a little frisky with the helpless thief with a few kisses! But, Madison stops herself and knocks Sasha out and leaves the ring to collect the loot. But poor Sasha actually wakes up so Madison finishes the girl off in style by tying her up in the ropes, gagged and blindfolded for the final set of knockout punches then leaves the thief hanging there, unconscious! You’ll LOVE this epic one sided fight!

Yes, again Sasha gets utterly destroyed in yet another great video. This time Sasha isn’t fooled of tricked into a beatdown, but she is a crook being pursued by a cop. Sasha actually sneak attacks Madison and even starts out in control, but that only last for a brief second, and then it’s all downhill for Sasha from there. Madison, KOs Sasha pretty easily, but really gets brutal with Sasha after quitting her job. The first half of the beatdown is outside the ring and is mostly kicks and punches, with some scissors mixed in, great punch drunk reactions and plenty of KOs. Then after Madison strips Sasha, tossing the half conscious victim in the ring. Madison then strips herself and jumps in the ring for a wrestling style domination with more KOs. Madison even plants a kiss on Sasha lips in the midst of a submission hold, but it’s much more of a mafia like “kiss of death” type kiss, which was pretty awesome. I just love Sasha’s selling, she always does really great reactions and makes the perfect expressions when locked in a tight and painful move. In the end Sasha ends up tied up in the ropes, gaged, blindfolded and after a few kicks and punches, including a really dirty low blow, she’s KO’d. I love the bondage and gagging, it’s almost a must have in her vids and it’s another thing that makes Sasha special. Even though I don’t really care the reason behind Sasha’s destructions, I really enjoyed this story idea and it also had some great outfits. This is easily another awesome vid for my favorites list, if you enjoyed the others, then you better not miss out on this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10