Jessie Belle is back at SKW and she’s talking about how she might have made a mistake sneak attacking SK last time she was here. As she talks about how she’s learned her lesson, SK sneaks up behind her and interrupts her with a low blow. This is the start of an incredible beatdown. A tight sleeper puts Jessie out cold. She gets DDT and an x-factor just to get things warmed up. Than some belly attacks on the wall that leave Jessie out in everyone’s favorite KO position. A few more KOs including a temple drill and Jessie is turned into a drooling ragdoll. SK can’t believe Jessie is so out cold, but after trying to wake her with some stomps and a camel clutch SK realizes he’s not getting Jessie up through any conventional methods. After a quick whiff of some smelling salts, Jessie is moving but definitely in a state that could be considered conscious. She can’t stand on her own and she can’t form words as SK finds out from trying to get her to say good night to the camera. A piledriver later and SK finally takes his pin, but a twitch out of Jessie gets SK to give her another chance. He says if Jessie can make it her feet than he’ll stop this beating now. Jessie is totally out of it but still tries to get to her feet, using SK’s legs to help her up. she gets to her knees before falling back over. SK determines that another piledriver is a suitable punishment for her failure. After her punishment is dealt, SK shows off the beaten Jessie’s face. Drool leaks from her lips and SK leaves her in her own little puddle to rest up.

What started as a great one sided match suddenly turns in a crazy, extraordinary squash after then temple drill. I was really happy with Jessie performance in the 1st half. In the second half, I was completely blow away. I have often believe that most pro won’t sell a match like this and even if they did, it wouldn’t be as good as local girls could, but Jessie took that belief and completely destroyed it. I really like the moves in this one and Jessie sells each and every one of them extremely well. I also really like this “get to your feet” challenge. Weak fighters struggling to their feet is one of the reasons I love boxing matches. So, this is a really cool idea and again, Jessie nails it perfectly. I would like to see this challenge again. It see,s like a great way to end a video. You guys have to see this to believe. This is easily the best Jessie Belle vid and by a smaller margin, my favorite clip of this update. Like I said this is a must see to believe vid!

Overall Score: 9.9/10


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