Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRINGING JESSIE’S BELL 2 – 22 Mins

JessieWe fade in on camera girl Jacquelyn Velvets discussing Jessie Belle’s time at SKW. She seems happy with the business and loves working with the girls, but when Velvets mentions the losses Jessie’s experienced at the hands of SK she seems a bit nervous… even more so as he steps out from the back. He reminisces and points to different spots on the mats where he knocked her out in the past. Frightened, Jessie decides to leave the room but SK is ready. He grabs her by the hair and completely knocks her out with a brutal DDT! SK’s 2 and 0 against Jessie gets another notch as he proceeds to toy with and destroy the pro superstar! A final set of humiliating KOs end it for Miss Belle, but not before SK’s had his fun with the tortured fighter!

It’s vids like this why I am so crazy about Jessie Belle. She just does everything better than I could have expected. From the first KO, Jessie starts her outstanding eyerolling, then suffers through a few more KOs and a few submissions before she’s knocked out cold and ragdolled for a while. You guys know and love some ragdolling and there is plenty in this. Jessie is out cold while SK puts her through a few submission holds, a bunch of leg drops, to a sleeper that has Jessie twitching and drooling. Finally SK gets Jessie to come to, only to put her back out with more moves that have Jessie twitching again. I love how out of it Jessie is, she can barely stand, talk or really even open her eyes, but SK keeps the KOs coming. After getting Jessie to, kind of, say she submits, SK writes her score on her forehead, so she can see it when she regains her senses. Even more humiliating, SK snatches the camera from Jackie and makes her put her foot on Jessie’s face and squeeze her face too, all while Jessie is out cold. That was an awesome, unexpected addition to this vid. SK finally decides that Jessie’s had enough, but not before one last close look at her KO’d face, were Jessie drools all over the mats. I love the way SK plays this too, he’s really cruel, but in a light-hearted, joking kind of way. This is a crazy awesome vid, with Jessie selling amazingly, even though she was knocked out for most of the match. There’s a lot of twitching, lots of eyerolling and some really great drooling, you guys can’t miss this one either!

Overall Score: 10/10