Review of Remi Ragdoll

Review of Velvets FantasiesRemi Ragdoll – 46 mins

Jacquelyn and Levi are auditioning girls for a new movie. What they think is the simplest of all requests, proves them to be wrong. All they need is an actress who can play dead and be limp for as long as possible. All hope is lost, until the next actress, Remi, comes in and shows them what she’s made of. In a sequence of events that show off her abilities to be completely lifeless and thrown around like the perfect ragdoll. She undergoes various tests performed by Jacquelyn and Levi, and produces astonishing results!

Man, this is like the ultimate throwback for me. This video might have been the 1st time I saw Remi and I’ve been in love with her ever since. Once you guys see this, it’s pretty easy to see why I love her so much, as if it’s not still very clear today. Remi is an amazing talent and she’s super tiny an oh so cute. A combination custom made for a role like this one. This video also has a great storyline too, Jackie and Levi love Remi’s pretend knockouts so much they want to chloroform her for real. When they do, during their limp play fun, they figure out that Remi won’t wake up, but Remi was just trolling them, hoping the seal the deal with her incredible acting. Jackie’s so relieved that she didn’t accidently kill Remi, she immediately offers her the role. While Jackie’s off getting paperwork, Remi shares with Levi that she enjoyed being chloroformed. Levi can’t help but KO her again. Jackie is infuriated by this when she returns, but Levi just chloros her too, which is basically the end of the vid. During Remi’s limp limp, they strip her to bra and panties, remove her shoes, (which I loved how long she had shoes on in this, something that doesn’t happen in limp play vids too often) and re-dress her, a number of times. As well as plenty of carries and feet views, after her shoes come off. This vid is a classic for me, one of my earliest video in the sleepy/limp play genre. I loved it then and I still love it now. This vid is a piece of history and easily has a place on my, probably very long, must own list.

Overall score: 9.9/10