Review of Reggie Dominates Remi

Review of Fetish AdventuresReggie Dominates Remi – 15 mins

Reggie is planning his revenge on Remi, she just beat him in a previous video but she thinks he’s still out. As Remi continues taunting him, he surprises her by springing to life and slapping her into a body scissors. Reggie applies several submissions on Remi, putting her into a world of pain. He even KOs her a couple of times via piledrivers. She struggles a lot, trying to get out of his holds, but never gets free. Her pain come to a devastating end when Reggie with one hand chokes her to unconsciousness, leaving her limp body dangling on his knee before dropping her and leaving her laid out on the mats.

You know, every time I get a clip with Remi, she’s often getting in trouble because of her mouth, that trend continues here, Remi thinks she got everything under control then next thing she knows, she getting her butt kicked. Remi’s flailing, struggling to break free from the many submissions is great to watch. There are also two piledrivers that cause good KOs and break up the submission action. Reggie talks a lot, most of it is entertaining, and some of it is not. The camera guy is stuck to the wall, or at least he can’t leave it for too long, so we don’t very great shots or Remi’s reactions. Overall, watching Remi suffer through plenty of submissions and a couple of KOs is always great to see, few minor issues with this one, but Remi, as always, is prefect.

Overall Score: 8.5/10