Review of Reggie Destroys Lil Loca

Review of Fetish AdventuresReggie Destroys Lil Loca – 16.5 min

This Lil Loca ‘s first time ever getting completely dominated by a male and what better person to be her first then the one and only Reggie. She didn’t think she’d be getting destroyed by Reggie, but it was out of her control so quickly that she never had the time to react. She goes through a series of painful holds. Reggie even used a few piledrivers to KO Loca. Loca spent most of the match screaming her pain out load, since she had never felt the wrath of Reggie. Lil Loca will never be the same again.

Lil Loca looks a little nervous at the beginning of this and rightfully so as Reggie takes control immediately and never gives her a chance. Reggie bends Loca every which way he feels and when he gets tired of hearing Loca crying and screaming, he piledrivers her to get a moment if peace and quiet. I never have seen Lil Loca in action before, but I like her so far. She does a pretty good job of selling this and she’s really really cute. I think we get 3 piledrivers in this one, each one causes a KO and they are spread out pretty evenly in the video. Overall, this is a pretty good squash, Reggie talks a lot and most of what he says is at least somewhat entertaining and cute Lil Loca makes herself a nice victim for him.

Overall score: 8/10