Review of Real Knock Out

Review of Samantha GraceReal Knock Out – 10 Mins

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Samantha Grace is watching TV in a sexy mini dress when, Sara Liz comes in with a frying pan, crow bar and guitar. Samantha asks her what is going on? She explains that she wants to be in the circus. Her act will be bonking her on the head with different objects, so she goes cross eyed. Sara seems to think she goes cross eyed every time something bonks her on the head. So, Samantha does as she wishes, with an evil grin, she bonks her on the head with the crow bar. Sara falls back on the sofa and goes cross eyed. Samantha molests Sara and feels her up while she is cross eyed. She remove her top and bra. Fondling her natural D cups. Sara wakes up. Asks if she went cross eyed. Sam tell her she was cross eyed the whole time. She wondered what happened to her top. She seems a bit dumber and barely notices. She asks Samantha to try the frying pan next. Sam bonks her again and she goes cross eyed. This time Sam strips off her skirt and feels her up some more. Samantha loves taking advantage of Sara when she doesn’t know about it. Sara wakes a second time even dumber. She doesn’t even notice her skirt is missing. This time Sam bonks her with the guitar. This time she is knock out very good. So, Sam decides to take her panties off and do as she pleases with her. My hand starts moving down over her unshaven bush. The question what does Samantha do with her next.

This is a great silly KOs vid, as you guys know, I ‘m always looking for great silly vids and I definitely found one here. I love the cross eyed thing and Sara is great at it, she keep her eyes open the whole time she’s out. And after each KO, she’s a little more loopy and silly, but ready for her next KO. Samantha is does great, as she’s quick to take advantage of Sara being out cold, feeling her up and stripping her down, making this vid extra sexy, on top of the silliness, which is a great combo. Sara didn’t even really care that each time she woke up, she had less clothes on. We get great long scenes with Sara out cold and her eyes crossed, and in the end full nude, while Samantha has her way with her, with lots of very good close ups of Sara. Overall, this is silly, it’s sexy, tons of great cross eyed KOs with limp play and I love it. Definitely need more like this, maybe next it it’ll be Samantha’s turn.

Overall Score: 9/10