Review of Ravae Knocked Out

Review of Ravae Knocked Out – 6.5 mins

Ravae answers the door, expecting someone else to be there. You knock her over the head with a club and she goes right out. I make sure Ravae is out by checking her eyes. You start to take her clothes off, but she starts to stir. You hide behind her and when she gets up, you spring on her and knock her out again. This time you peel her clothes off 1st, than check her eyes. You roll her around, checking out her body and when she begins to wake, you knock her right back out. Now she’s all yours to do as you please.

This is a great vid, although a little on the short side. I love Ravae, she’s got a great look and beautiful body. So, stuffed in the short little vid is a couple of KOs, plenty of limp play and some great eye checks. The eye checks in this one are awesome, full white eyes every time he checks if she’s out. I love white eyes, it is definitely one of my favorite thugs to see in any vid. Overall, it a great, short, limp play vid, with a super sexy girl and it’s really really cheap, so its worth checking out if you never seen anything from GGS or with Ravae.

Overall Score: 8.5/10