Review of Ravae Kidnapped

Review of Ravae Kidnapped – 26 min

Ravae gets a knock at her door, when she opens it she finds a deranged man who has and unhealthy obsession with her. Ravae recognizes him right away and tries to get away, but he grabs her, pushes her inside and chloroforms her. Once she’s out he strips her and takes advantage of her. Later, he redresses her and handcuffs her. She wakes up and he forces her to take a pill. She struggles and pleads with him, but eventually she’s forced to do what he wants. The pill makes her woozy and complaint to his wishes. After little while though she snaps out of it and starts yelling and screaming again. He chloroforms her again, than drags her upstairs where he strips her down again. That’s where they video comes to an end.

Poor Ravae could have never guess what was on the other side of the door, but once she opened it, it was all over for her. Its a great premise for a video and Ravae really acts well. She looks and sounds extremely desperate and terrified while she’s begging to be freed. When she’s chloroformed she goes out quick, so, there’s really no time for her to sell anything there, but the pill that made her a little loopy and compliant, that she sold great. There’s a ton of limp play and she undressed twice while unconscious. There’s also two sex scenes, sort of. The whole vid is POV, he just keeps the camera on her top half and rocks her around. It works for me, you totally get the idea and it still sexy. Overall, a good vid, very good performance from Ravae and I love the look of this girl.

OVerall Score: 8.5/10