Review of Ravae Chloroformed

Review of Girls getting sleepyRavae Chloroformed – 13 mins

Ravae is a fiery redhead you’ve had your eye on for a few years now. She just graduated high school, and from what you were hearing, was getting ready to move away for college. You simply couldn’t let her get away that easily. Not having much time to prepare, you grab your tools of the trade and make a dramatic entrance to see her before she moves. You KO her, strip her and have your way with her.

I love Ravae, she got a super simple and skinny body, but she looks so good to me. I just love these simple vids that are pretty much, just looking at her limp body for 10 minutes as well as stripping her of most of her clothing as well. She does wake up a few times, but the KOs are really quick, and you can’t really see any of her reactions, because they are done so quick and even one time she’s not facing the camera, which in my opinion is a huge mistake. Reactions are just as important as the limp play itself, so I hate it when reactions are basically skipped over like this. Other than that, this one is good, the limp play is sold, and we get a ton of really close looks at Ravae’s body. Overall, a good limp play video, Ravae is super sexy, it’s a shame they missed out on most of reactions for the KOs and the KOs were a little too quick as well, other than that, I’m happy with this one.

Overall Score: 8/10