Review of Randy’s Fight Club

Review of Randy’s Fight Club

In this one we have Randy Moore vs Erica. Randy lays down the law, explaining that this will be a fight to the finish, 1st one to score 3 KOs can finish off their opponent. After each KO an article or clothing comes off. The girls tie their hair up, but before Randy is done Erica hits her with a low blow and soon gets the 1st KO. Randy is back on her feet soon, but isn’t all there. She get rained on with punches from Erica and soon is out again, as the pants come off now. In nothing but a thong, Randy is once again on her feet. She takes a ridiculous number a punches, but stays on her feet. Randy gets off a desperation low blow, just in time to save herself, that floors Erica. Erica is back up after her shirt comes off and soon has Randy down but not out. She goes to finish her off, but Randy saves herself again by grabbing Erica by her boobs and gaining the upper hand. Randy rains a couple of good punches on Erica to put her out cold. Both girls in thongs now, Erica is back up and in control soon. She gets Randy down again, but instead of finishing her off she chooses to inflict more punishment. Again Randy saves herself by going after Erica’s chest. Randy takes control from here, soon putting Erica out cold. A tight sleeper secures the victory for Randy as she stands tall than drags Erica away.

Some times there’s noting better than a good fist fight. especially one with a good number of KOs and the clothes come off. I really enjoyed this one. Its a great fight. Both girls sell great. Randy is one of the best at being punch drunk, Which she is most of the time. Absolutely amazing looking girls. I like that Randy was on the losing end most of the time, because she is really good. The KOs come at a good pace, although they are short lived it keeps the video moving along. It’s a really entertaining video and I’ll be checking out the others from this series soon. So be sure to check back for those soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


  • What website is this from Admin?

    • Its From Randy Moors store on C4S. Click that by now button and it will take you right to it.