Review of Randy & Hollywood’s KO Battle

Review of Randy & Hollywood’s KO Battle

Got another silly battle here for you guys, this one with Hollywood and Randy Moore. The video starts the both girls out on the floor, with their tongues hanging out. They wake up and continue a battle that was apparently already in progress. Both girls are still pretty out of it but Hollywood get the 1st few shots in. Than Randy gets some shots in. Then they choke each other and display their silly faces for the camera. The battle rages back and forth, everything causing both girls to make silly faces and the stumble and fall all over the room. They both have flashes of dominance, knocking down and out their opponent. In the end, to no ones surprise, the fight ends just how it started, both girls out cold, tongues out as they rest up for the next round that I’m sure will start as soon as they’re awake again.

This one is just so silly, the faces they make are really great. They are never on solid legs, they’re constantly stumbling around. lots of falling over, weather its from punches or just being punch drunk. I love all of it. They’re both in street clothes which it cool this me. Hollywood’s star spangled superheroine bottoms hang out of her jeans every chance they get. Which is funny and sexy. They do pull each others shoes off, but leaves the socks on. The KOs are quick, but there’s plenty. Overall, a super silly fight with tons of eye rolling and tongues hanging out, starring two super sexy and awesome girls.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


  • klaas

    this kind of match is not my thing but hollywood is so incredible hot!! unbelievable specially for her age, she still looks young

  • Has Randy Moore retired / quit the business ? She hasn’t updated her clips4sale store in ages , and the 2 or 3 e-mails I sent her went unanswered . I’d love to hire her for another custom , but as things look now , it doesn’t appear likely to happen .

    • Yea, she has left us, I’m not sure of the reason or if this is permanent, but she is sadly gone.