Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldRAIN SLEEPS – 12 mins

This is a POV attacker vid, a lot like most of the sentry girls vids we know and love. In this one SKW’s Rain is repeatedly rendered unconscious over and over again.  No real story here guys, just tons of KOs, like, a punchout, chloroform, blackjack strikes, hypnotic device, single handed choke and boxing blows, then a final tazer attack sends Rain down and out for the night.

This is a very interesting clip, I feel that Rain under sold a little in this. I’ve seen her in plenty of other videos and this is one that I always felt she didn’t give us her all. The interesting thing is, I don’t care. Rain looks so freaking good that it completely makes up for her under selling. Also the KO tactics used are awesome and every eye check reveals full white eyes. It’s not often that I would trade great selling for great looks, but this is one of them.

Overall Score: 8.5/10