Review of RagDoll Vol.13

Review of Ring DivasRagDoll Vol.13 – 20 mins (Cali Danger vs. Ultimate Gojirah)

After Women’s World Champion Cali Danger spear-headed the formation of Apocalypse one woman was left on the losing end of the exchange and that woman is Ultimate Gojirah and guess what? She isn’t the least bit happy about the outcome of her championship match. Watch as in an epic twist in fantasy custom reality Ultimate Gojirah gets her revenge as she COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS CALI DANGER in the most vicious body tossing, body dragging Ragdoll match of all time. Don’t miss Gojirah getting to do any and everything that she pleases to a completely knocked out Cali Danger.

Before I begin this review, I got to make sure I get my major complaints out of the way. First this vid is listed at 20 minutes, but after the 2 minutes Ring Divas intro and the 2 minutes of wrestler intros, the match doesn’t start until 4 minutes in, which is just too long. 25% of the overall time gone and the bell just rang. Next thing is, this vid is $40, which is absolutely crazy for 16 min of content, that some already paid upwards of $500 for, it doesn’t make sense to me. These are my major issues with Ring Divas and until they realize how much of a mistake they are making, I will keep complaining about it.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the actually video here. They starts the match as if it’s going to be a regular match, but Gojirah gets herself disqualified right away from choking Cali past the ref’s count. The ref, just leaves after calling the match and Gojirah continues to choke Cali till she’s out cold. From her on, Cali is totally out, not reacting to anything, a total ragdoll. Actually, a little too out cold for me. I like to see those little sighs of life when they are stomped on or put in a submission holds. But it is great how Cali just lets her body and limbs just flap around, super limp. Gojirah does as much as she can in the time allotted, plenty of submission holds, lots of limp play, just hang Cali’s body in the corners and ropes and a few kicks and stomps as well. She also takes off Cali’s boots and socks about half way through and ends it with a never pinch that makes Cali twitch really nicely. Overall, this is a really nice ragdoll, Cali definitely sells the limp ragdoll thing to the max. Although I really enjoyed this match, I still can’t say it’s worth 40 bucks, it’s a great ragdoll vid, but it’s not that great. There are better ways to spend $40, but I’m going to base my score on the quality of the vid and not how much I hate what it costs.

Overall Score: 9.5/10