Review of Queen Antoinette vs LeAnn

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsQueen Antoinette vs LeAnn – 21.5 mins

LeAnn getting ready for her rematch against Antoinette mocks the fact that Antoinette calls herself “The Queen of the Ring”. The two beauties battle it out for 6 rounds filled with all the spectacular wrestling holds that you’ve come to love in these matches. Each woman takes their share of 10 count pins and each woman takes their share of pain, as they battle it out wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. After the traditional arm wrestling match, Antoinette takes the first two rounds pretty easily. Then LeAnn take two rounds of her own, only to be piledriven by Antoinette. LeAnn is out cold from that piledriver, so Antoinette helps herself to two pins in a row, giving her the win.

Antoinette’s back in that role that I’m used to seeing, she gets to flex her muscles in the first 2 rounds, tossing LeAnn around with great ease. LeAnn sells it great, but this is her second match vs Antoinette isn’t going to be beaten so easily. She shows off her own strength, as she muscles around Antoinette for two rounds of her own. Lots of very sexy submission holds from both girls as they are both bent and stretched in all sorts of ways. Antoinette brings everything to a crushing halt with a nice piledriver on LeAnn. Once again, I think Antoinette was a little nervous, as she doesn’t wake LeAnn in between the last two pins. Overall, a very sexy show from these two shapely beauties, but I worry this series is becoming too similar to each other and it might be time to freshen this series up a bit, because I really enjoy it and i don’t want to see it get stale. This one is still a great though, if you enjoy this series like I do, this one won’t disappoint.

Overall Score: 8.5/10