Review of Punched Out and Choked Out

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPunched Out and Choked Out – 28.5 mins

Sometimes a fighter is too confident for her own good. Becca faces off against Peyton for a boxing and wrestling match, convinced that she’ll easily destroy her smaller opponent. But when the bell rings, Becca suddenly finds herself on her butt twice from Peyton’s hard little jabs. This stuns the blond enough so that Peyton can take complete control, punching her foe all over the ring. Becca groggily finds herself sitting spread eagled on the corner ropes as Peyton toys with her. Belly punches knock the wind out of her and face punches rock her brain. After playing with Becca on the ropes and from outside the ring, Peyton smashes punches into Becca’s face that sends her bouncing back and forth off the ropes. A final uppercut knocks Becca out for this portion of the match. Peyton strips the boxing gloves off her and begins her destruction of Becca using mostly choking holds like headlocks, choking her while she’s trapped in the ropes, a leglock/backbend choke, head and body scissors, some chops to the throat, and a final body scissor/arm choke that causes the gagging and gasping Becca to pass out.

Becca gets completely squashed and destroyed again? Yes, there is no way that I’ll ever get tired of seeing Becca lose. This is a pretty unique battle, both a boxing match and a wrestling match squashed into one video. The boxing half is easily my favorite portion of the vid. Becca is super confident, and so is Peyton, but Peyton isn’t running her mouth. Becca is stunned by the power of the punches coming from Peyton and in no time is dazed and being punched all over the place. Peyton takes it easy after she’s in control, trying not to KO Becca too soon. I just love seeing Becca punch drunk, she so good at selling it. Eventually Peyton does KO Becca, and then she starts the wrestling section. The main focus is using as many chokes as she can against Becca, but again, she doesn’t want to KO her too soon. So she just keeps getting Becca close to passing out then letter her go just before she does. You guys know me by now, I’m crazy for KOs, so I really wanted those KOs that Peyton was bringing Becca so close to. It’s a long torturous session for Becca as Peyton has way too much fun dominating her. The final KO comes from a great looking move as Becca is put out of her misery. Overall, I love the boxing part of this and really like the wrestling part, although Peyton teasing me by nearly knocking out Becca again and again is a little mean. Becca is definitely one for my favorite jobbers, she’s just incredible and Peyton is a pretty great heel as well.

Overall Score: 9/10