Review of Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Peyton – 10 Mins

PeytonThe rules are simple: Ryan and Peyton wrestle in a best of three falls pro style wrestling match. The wrestlers are seen in each corner wearing robes that they quickly remove to reveal their fighting attire … tiny bikinis! The bell rings and they lock up. Peyton forces Ryan to the ropes and does a clean break. They circle and lock up again, but Ryan moves to a hammerlock that Peyton quickly reverses into her own hammerlock. The long haired cutie takes Ryan to the mat in a head lock and hooks her leg in a cradle hold. Ryan uses her strength to kick out but Peyton continues her assault. After some back and forth action, Ryan manages to get Peyton into a figure four leglock that forces the girl to scream out her submission! As round two begins, Peyton is clearly annoyed for losing the first round and again forces Ryan to the ropes but this time she doesn’t do a clean break and attacks her opponent with a forearm smash and knees to the belly! Ryan soon gets flipped to the mat as Peyton goes for a quick pin. But Ryan is a tough cookie and kicks out. Peyton refuses to stop her attack though and gets a one legged scissor on her rival then yanks her up for a clothesline. Ryan ducks the move and catches Peyton with a knee to the belly and gets the shocked girl in the corner for some shoulder smashes and a snap mare to the mat. Peyton suddenly finds herself in a TIGHT grapevine pin that she can’t escape from and finally has to admit defeat!

This is one vid that went just about how I hoped, it’s one of the rare times that a match is set for three falls, but gets wrapped up in two, which is just nice, because it never really happens. This isn’t a squash though, as Peyton puts up a really good fight and is in control for most of the match, but Ryan somehow always finds a way to get the best of her. Being a big fan of Peyton, it’s always nice to see Peyton defeated. There are no KOs, but plenty of Peyton laying on the ground licking her wounds while Ryan stands over her, posing. It’s a quick and simple vid, but I’m always looking for a good Peyton defeat.

Overall Score: 8/10