Review of Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Peyton the Rematch

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Peyton the Rematch – 10 Mins

paytonThe last time these beauties faced off, (see “Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Peyton”) Peyton put up a great fight but lost two rounds back to back giving Ryan the win. Peyton begged for a rematch and her wishes were granted. Wearing similar white one piece suits, boots and kneepads the girls look stunning. Peyton has her game face on ready to prove herself, while Ryan, on the other hand, looks confident that she’ll beat Peyton again. The rules are the same as last time, best of three submissions only falls. The bell rings and the girls lock up, Ryan is first in control with a side headlock, instantly talking trash. Peyton, desperate to win this time, manages to get Ryan in a side head scissors once they’re on the ground. The action is back and forth, but it’s Peyton in control for the most part, until a missed body splash knocks the wind out of her. Ryan goes for a quick pin, but Peyton kicks out twice. Then Peyton gets trapped in a tight figure four reverse head scissors, forcing her to submit. Round 2 begins and again it’s Peyton who maintains the majority of control, with punches and knees in the corner, then chokes on the ropes. Peyton goes for the pin, but Ryan fights out of it. A punch to the gut and a few elbows to the chest have Peyton winded. Ryan finally traps Peyton in an impressive ceiling hold and although the desperate beauty doesn’t want to give up, she soon has no choice, submitting for the second round and making Ryan the flawless winner of this rematch!

I really enjoy matches that like this, where the jobber is actually in control for the majority of the battle, but gets defeated at the very end. It happens to Anne Marie all the time and now Peyton, who just can’t figure out how to beat Ryan. Peyton does a great job playing both sides of this battle, from being so determined to beat Ryan and really giving it her all, to being totally crushed after her defeat. This is a submissions only match, so I didn’t expect any KOs and didn’t get any. I love the nearly matching outfits as both girls look fantastic. We get a couple nice victory poses at the end and a final shot Peyton left in the middle of the ring defeated, again. She put up a good fight, but I really do love when Peyton loses.
Overall score: 8.5/10