Sumiko and Lucy Purr, have an interesting match up, its round based and in each round one of the girls have to apply a pressure point attack on their opponent. After that they are free to KO their opponent anyway they please. The rounds go back and forth as each girl wins a few rounds. They apply their pressure point attacks mid round and than soon after KO their opponent for the easy pin. In the final round Sumiko takes the early lead with an off the wall bulldog that gives her the chance to apply and head scissor, but soon Lucy applies her own. They struggle a bit, but soon both fall. SK counts them out and calls the match a draw.

I really like Lucy, she has some great reaction to these attacks. In fact the reactions to the pressure point attacks are the best part of this video. They cause the girl to roll their eyes and twitch some times. Lucy does it really well. Sumiko, of course is prefect. I like this idea for a video. Anything that causes white eyes and twitching is something I’m always going to get behind. I would really like to see this get super creative, just making up attacks to cause crazy reactions. Another thing i liked in this, is the tall socks. It something we don’t get often and is a great choice for something in between boots and bare feet. A cool vid with plenty of pins and KOs, with great reactions and it doesn’t even bother me that it ended in a draw.

Overall Score: 8/10


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