Review of Power Boots K – OTS Carry

Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamPower Boots K – OTS Carry – 15 min

Kayla’s in her room, listening to music, dancing around when a man enters and attacks her. He uses a bear hug to knock her out that her carries her around the house over his shoulder, for a while. She wakes up and tries to escape, but a handy chloroform rag puts her right back out and back over his shoulder. While carrying kayla, he feels her up and spanks her as much as he feels like. After walking all over the house with Kayla draped over his shoulder, he carries her back to her room, gets a few more spanks and feels in before dropping her on the bed and leaves her there.

Finally a Kayla Obey video that I’m not totally in love with. Actually, I’m mostly in love with it. I love the outfit she’s got on, it see you can see her bra and panties though it, it’s one of the main reasons I bought this one. It’s great to see her carried around over the shoulder and it was great to see her wake up just to be put back out. My only problem really is, all the KOs happen before the halfway point in the video. So, for quite some times, she’s just being carried around in circles and nothing else really happens. It would have perfect with just one more escape attempt or have it end a little sooner. Overall, I do like the video, super sexy watching Kayla’s rear end, and the KOs that happen are awesome, but just a little more action would have been nice.

Overall score: 8/10