Review of POV Machine Gun Scenes with Kayla

Review of POV Machine Gun Scenes with Kayla

Kayla brings us another lovely vid, with a simple concept, Kayla is gunned down by pretend machine gun fire. Kayla gets riddled in many different scenes, some where is is a willing victim and some where she’s not, but they all end with Kayla going down in a hail of gunfire.

I like these kind of vids because the gunning down scenes are silly. The are performed funny and in no way could be taken seriously and you guys know me, I’m the silly knockouts kind of guy. Kayla shakes around as she gets machine gunned and twitches plenty after she’s finally made it to the ground. There is a trend with these videos, where they want the girl to wear black glove and get close up of her arm hair. I don’t really get it, but at the same time, it doesn’t bother me or take away from the rest of the video. So, just as a heads up know that there are brief times of close ups of Kayla’s arm hair. Anyway, it’s another cool vid from Kayla, check it out.

Overall Score: 8/10


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