Review of Possessed Hand Smother

Review of Dakota’s Charming ClipsPossessed Hand Smother – 12 mins

Dakota sits on the couch, looking for something to watch on TV. She finds a show about people having having their hands possessed. In disbelief she pays close attention to the show. She talks crap about how impossible it is as they go through how hands can be possessed. She starts loosing control of her hand while still talking about the show. She’s shocked as her hand starts to attack her, smothering her and knocking her out. Each time she wakes up her hand attacks her again and soon while she’s out her hand explores her body. She tries to negotiation with her hand, but of course it couldn’t care less. After a good number of KOs, the TV show shows how to undo the possession and she gets her hand back, quickly she turns off the TV, swearing off TV forever and leaving the room.

What a silly vid this is, Dakota makes this video pretty funny talking to her hand and freaking out when it attacks her. Its a great idea for a silly vid and Dakota sells it perfectly. She’s filming by herself, so the camera is stationary, but she leans in or sits on the ground so that we get great looks at her reactions. she’s wearing normal street clothes, but still looks good. Overall, I love this possession idea, well done by Dakota and great job making sure we still got good shots of her reactions even though she was filming by herself.

OVerall Score: 8.5/10