Review of POOR SASHA: part 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldPOOR SASHA: part 2 – 17 mins

You know the story, girl, Sasha Fae, steals other girl, Sumiko’s favorite dress. Other girl then beats the living crap out of her. It’s simple and effective, just like Sumiko’s attacks are in this amazing custom clip. After a short argument, Sumiko goes on the offensive, slamming a punch into Sasha’s face and gut. After a few more belly punches, Sumiko places Sasha into an armbar and takes her to the mats, where she proceeds to completely destroy and humiliate the beautiful clothes-thief.

Sometimes all you need is a good ol’ fashioned beatdown. There are some great points that makes this beatdown special. First, Sasha. Sasha is an outstanding seller and really puts this being over very well, at the same time she still has the nerve to be pissed at Sumiko, after she stole the dress. Calling Sumiko a psycho and refusing to give the dress back. Next high point of this vid is, of course, the dress. It’s not every day we get to see a great beatdown with our sexy jobber, in a very sexy dress, and sexy boots. I really love these boots too and Sasha really does look SO good in this dress. And the last great piece to this vid is, Sumiko. Sumiko delivers a beatdown, with not too much wrestling holds, but much more kicks and punches, like the way Sumiko has made famous. The whole time Sumiko gives a verbal beating to go along with the physical one. I love Sumiko’s trash talk, something that not just anyone can do as well as she does. Overall, a sexy jobber in a super sexy dress, who sells great with an awesome trash talking heel, delivering a street fight style beatdown, all over a dress, all that together makes this a pretty unique and quite awesome video.

Overall Score: 9/10