Review of Pizza order turned into 4 knockouts for them!

Review of Liza K FetishesPizza order turned into 4 knockouts for them! – 25 Mins

pizzaTwo hot girlfriends were hanging out on a nice Sunday morning and decided to order Pizza. The phone was acting strange and they finally managed to call the restaurant after the third try. What they didn’t know, is that they were followed by the neighbor and it was him who switched the phone lines and took their pizza order! He knew that they love pizza most of all and was ready to act as a pizza delivery man! So he came to their house, not to fulfill their hunger, but his own! He knocked out the first girl right in the living room and while the second one was in the shower, he played with her limp body till she came back. Then it was her turn to become his ragdoll! He lifted them one by one, played with their helpless bodies in the air and carried them to the bedroom. There the girls managed to regained consciousness but they had to face with another 2 knockouts and the game was continued, until one time they both stated waking up together and who couldn’t find what he did with is cloth, not being able to find it, he quickly leaves the house before the girls could figure out what was going on.

Another great idea of a limp play vid from Liza K and more great limp play action as well. This one does take a little time to set up, but I feel like it was total worth it. There is a bit of silliness involved in this one, as the fake pizza guys is having too much fun with his limp toys and is just gitty. I like that we get a couple of KOs from a few different methods, all which are performed excellently. I love the spray and the sleeper as well as the choke, as they were all sold very well. Most of the KOs come with great close ups so you can get a really good look at the great reactions these girls give us. I like how this ends too. As both girls start to stir, he panics looking for something to KO them with, but can’t find anything and just rushes out as the girls slowly wake up. Great creativity on both ends of this one and plenty of great limp play in the middle. These European productions continue to impress and I’m going to keep going back for more.

Overall Score: 9/10