Review of Piledriver Perversions 14 – Mutinys Fate

Review of Piledriver Perversions 14 – Mutiny’s Fate – 12 min

Jezabel enters the ring to find Mutiny waiting there for her as they are set to have a piledriver match. Mutiny knows that Jezabel tends to be perverted in her matches and Mutiny doesn’t want that to happen to her, so she’s out to win this one. They square off and Mutiny takes control and it isn’t long before she scores her 1st piledriver and pin over Jezabel. Mutiny tries to say in control, but even after another piledriver Jezabel keeps fighting back soon getting he best of Mutiny. In the end Jezabel has her way with Mutiny and leaves a fully naked Mutiny writhing in the ring.

What a interesting idea for a for a match, you can see that Mutiny is here to win, but Jezabel has a different goal in mind. Jezabel took every chance to grab on Mutiny and eventually got all she wanted despite Mutiny’s efforts to stop her. Its a kinda of a weird combo, the piledrivers with the KOs and pin as well as Jezabel forcing herself on Mutiny. Something I never would have thought of but I like it and it works well. Not only do they sell it pretty well, but any chance to see Mutiny piledriven and then stripped is something I’m going to want to see, every time!

Overall Score: 8.5/10