Review of Peyton’s Private Show

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s Private Show – 13.5 mins

Peyton is a girl who’s down on her luck and gets approached by a man who offers her $1000 if she’ll do a little “show” for him. Being one step from becoming homeless, the young girl agrees. The next day, showing up where the man asked her to, she told to put on a little school girl outfit for his “show.” She’s then lead to a ring area and is told to stand in the ring and wait for her opponent. Not sure what else to do, Peyton stands in the ring. Enter her opponent, a blond beauty in black, who proceeds to destroy Peyton, knocking her around, bending and stretching her without mercy. A final stunner puts Peyton out. The blonde rolls Peyton from the ring after a long pin and victory pose then leaves. Peyton wakes, who knows how long later, to find a envelope stuffed with cash. She takes it a hustles out of there.

Once again, i got to give to the FWR and crew for finding another cool way of adding a little story behind this video. Peyton plays it perfect, she looks very innocent, confused and scared for the set up. Than once Becca commences to trying to break her in two, Peyton sells it too. Again, I’m impressed with Peyton as she continues to meet all my expectations. Becca, as you know is also a mean heel, does just that. She could care less where Rick found this girl, but is more then happy to put a hurting on her. The utter joy the pouring out of Becca is great. The outfits here is another strong point, at both girls look really sexy. I was left definitely wanting more by the time Becca was done with Peyton. Peyton also narrates the beginning and end which is great. I would have loved to hear what she was thinking just a little during the match, as well. Overall, I love having a good story idea behind the beat down, as well as, great selling and awesome outfits.