Review of Peyton’s Knockout Practice

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Peyton’s Knockout Practice – 15 mins

PEYTONPeyton brings a duffle bag of knockout goodies into the studio and asks Becca if she’ll help her practice some knockout moves. Becca agrees, but says they should do a full wrestling match … 5 rounds, whoever gets the most knockouts wins. Peyton agrees and they enter the ring. What follows is a back and forth wrestling match full of fun knockouts including: attempted foot tickling knockouts (that don’t work, but are kinda cute, lol), blackjack bonk to the head, bear hug knockout, tazer knockout, patented Fem Wrestling Rooms Speedbag Facial knockout, and a final double boxing knockout. In between all of these sweet knockouts is plenty of wrestling and boxing action including some of our special effects boxing that looks like the girls are actually punching each other with jabs to the face. This video is filled with ALL those eye rolling, tongue protruding knockouts that we know you love!

The last sentence of this description is definitely super true and my favorite thing about this one. Becca and Peyton both do a great job giving us great silly reactions, but I got give this one to Peyton. You guys know I love tongue protrusion and Peyton knocks this one out of the park on that specific detail, as her tongue is sticking out a lot in this video. Becca does give a great performance, as always, and totally wins in the eyerolling department. I love the ways the girls KO’d each other, giving as a nice selection of techniques and toys. Any time I get the Fem Wrestling Rooms “Speed Bag Facial”, some boxing action and a body pile, I’m a happy camper. I’m not much for the tickling thing, as much as I love silly KO’s, tickling just doesn’t feel like it fits in wrestling matches. Although it did make Peyton makes some silly faces, which was really good. Overall, this is a great vid for silly reactions and KO’s which I’ll will never get tired of seeing.

Overall score: 9.5/10