Review of Peyton, the Kick Fighter

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Peyton, the Kick Fighter – 11.5 Mins

PeytonCute and tiny little Peyton stretches in the ring waiting for her opponent. Mystique walks out of the dressing room and laughs as soon as she sees Peyton, remembering the times before that she completely destroyed the tiny fighter. Mystique confidently enters the ring, mocking Peyton’s outfit. The girls circle each other and Mystique kicks Peyton in the face, a kick that Peyton laughs off before returning the favor. Peyton’s kick floors Mystique instantly. Shocked by what just happened, Mystique stumbles back to her feet where she is met with more kicks. Mystique can’t figure how to stop the attacks as Peyton continues her dominance. Each time Peyton knocks Mystique out she makes a change to her outfit, first changing from shoes to boots, then leaving Mystique laid out in the ring and changing into some Muay Thai shorts and kickpads, then finally removing the kickpads to finish off Mystique barefooted. No matter what Peyton is wearing our little kick fighter dominates Mystique till one final kick to the face puts Mystique out for good, but Peyton makes sure she gives us plenty of foot on face victory poses before she suddenly turns her anger toward the cameraman, kicking him in the face as the video fades to black.

Mystique playing on the other side of the match in this one. I really love seeing Mystique in total dominance and I really love seeing Peyton playing the jobber, but this in is totally the other way around and Mystique just get completely destroyed. I do have to hand it to Mystique, she does really good selling this defeat. She looks confused at first, which is perfect because she would normal destroy Peyton and she reacts great to all the kick, really reeling and stumbling around the ring. We don’t get any eyerolling but a couple of nice KOs. Peyton is great playing the heel too, she is just laughing and trash talking the whole time, she just looked like she was loving every second of this. I liked the changing footwear thing, but the leather pants looked much better than the boxing shorts. Plenty of victory poses at the end, which I always like to see and then a sudden attack of the cameraman, which I don’t really understand, but doesn’t harm anything. Of course, I hope Mystique gets her revenge or Peyton decides to take her kicking skills up against Madison or maybe Antoinette.

Overall Score: 8/10