Review of Peyton Boxes The Queen

Review of Peyton Boxes The Queen

Here is one you don’t see everyday. This is an anything goes boxing match, best of 3 and the rounds have to end in a with a 10 count knockout and a 5 count pin and as the title suggests, Payton is challenging the Queen, Antoinette. Once in the ring Antoinette gets right in Payton’s face and try’s to intimidate her but rick stops her before she she had much chance. When the match gets underway, the boxing is as unusual as the rules. Antoinette starts out letting Payton get a few free shots in, that do nothing to Antoinette. Than, Antoinette fights back takes Payton to her knees with her 1st punch. After a few more punches to body Antoinette traps Payton in a head lock and punches her in the back/kidney area. Than trap her between he legs for more back punches. Which soon KO Payton for easy 10 count and 5 count pin. Round two and Payton’s punches suddenly have power as she drop Antoinette to her knees than punches Antoinette in her back for a bit. Standing Antoinette up for punches and knees to the body. Payton eventually gets Antoinette on the ground for more belly punches that leave Antoinette too out of it to answer the 10 count and 5 count pin. Round 3 starts off a little back a forth but Antoinette is soon in total control. After a good amount of punches to the belly and back/kidney Payton goes out with a leg drop the her back, giving the 3rd and final round to Antoinette for the win.

Definitely an interesting match. I like the KO 10 count a pin combo for the round win. That’s cool and different. The belly punching is great, but I don’t quite get the punches to the back. Nonetheless, the girls sold it all quite well. I really like Payton, She is such a cute girl, I just love seeing her weak and KO’d. I am sucker for boxing matches and this one having 3 KO’s and pins in it is a huge plus for it. Although, I would say that if Antoinette lets Payton punch her in the beginning, than her punches shouldn’t have such an impact later and would rather not have the punching to the back, but there is much more belly punches that make up for it. Overall, it’s a bit unorthodox, but still a pretty good boxing match.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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