Review of Pew Pew!! Two

Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamPew Pew!! Two – 13 Mins

KEDBringing back one of our top sellers! POV play gun fight with Kayla. She uses her hands in a gesture to look like a gun while saying ‘pew pew’ each time she shoots. See her get shot each time in her chest or sexy belly and fall limp. Half of the video Kayla is in a cute bikini and the other half she is completely nude.

Kayla, who hasn’t been able to bring us too content this year, drops this banger in her store not too long ago. I love Kayla in just about every way, but I love her even more when she pours on the cuteness, which is something she is an expert at. In this vid she is perfect again, I love the quick scenes, keeps the vid moving along nicely, all the positions she ends up in, all the super cute things she says while getting shot and that she’s naked for half the video. Also the length is pretty good too. I doesn’t feel too short or too long. I miss having tons of new Kayla vids to review, but hopefully this might be the start of her triumphant comeback.

Overall Score: 9.5/10