Review of PANDORA vs SERENA: The Rematch

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldPANDORA vs SERENA: The Rematch – 14 mins

After years of hostility, Pandora and Serena recently reunited on the SKW mats for a brutal multi-fall match with each fall ending in a pin and victory pose until the a final sudden death rounds gives us a definite winner.

ROUND ONE: After a lockup, Pandora attacks with a series of belly blows, an arm-wringer, hammer lock/choke, and a sleeper hold KO. ROUND TWO: Serena attacks with a standing crucifix and goes for a roll up pin that Pandora kicks out of. Serena applies a kneeling surfboard that turns into a leg nelson, followed by a series of three brutal skull crushers that put Pandora out. ROUND THREE: Pandora reverses a sleeper hold with a headbutt and starts slamming forearms into Serena’s face. She then kneels a dropkick to Serena’s back, followed by a boston crab and a stunner. ROUND FOUR: Serena ducks a series of clotheslines and nails her own, flooring Pandora and dominating via figure four leglock, body scissors, neck scissors, and a figure four neckscissors / neck buster combo that knocks Pandora out cold. ROUND SIX: Serena goes for a tombstone piledriver, but Pandora locks her powerful thighs around her neck. Serena’s eyes roll as she slowly goes out, dropping and nailing the piledriver and leading to a double KO count out. FINAL ROUND: Serena attacks with belly punches, but misses a crucial wall splash. Pandora attacks with a wall choke, but Serena goes for an eye rake. Serena then grabs a STEEL CHAIR and starts choking Pandora out with the edge, only to deliver a brutal series of blows to Pandora’s skull with the chair. She stands Pandora up and goes for a final coupe de grace, but Pandora ducks and kicks Serena in the gut. Pandora nails the chair shot to Serena’s face for an INSTANT KO that leaves Serena folded up in a matchbook position on the mats. Pandora goes for the easy pin and the win.

We have two long time favorites in a nice back and forth prostyle battle. I am a huge fan of both these girls, especially on these outfits. The action is solid, both girls know what they are doing, whether winning or losing. Pandora is a little better at eyerolling, but Serena is a little better at selling the pain of being in a submission. As most of these match go, the girls battle back and forth until a double KO leads to a winner takes all final round. This is what makes this one special. Serena uses some dirty tactics to get the chance to grab a folding chair and after smashing Pandora’s skull in between the chair and the mats, Pandora still find the strength to counter Serena’s final shot, only to deliver a shot of her own, which folds Serena up into the perfect pin for Pandora. I love it when weapons come onto play, because we always get awesome KOs like this. Overall, we get two of SKW’s tried and true performers giving us a really great show, with an awesome hardcore ending.

Overall Score: 9/10