Review of Sleeperkid’s World PAJAMA KO PARTY 2 – 17 Mins

SerenaBored after a day of saving civilians, Bat-Serena and Wonder-Sumiko (decked out in adorable two piece heroine pajamas) decide to have a friendly KO match after watching some SKW vids (the two are huge fans, it turns out)!  Serena starts the battle off with a quick punch to Sumiko’s jaw that knocks her right out!  Serena follows up with a reverse bearhug but Sumiko reverses with a bearhug, trapping Serena in a sweet sleeper hold that sends her to Dreamland! The battle continues with the ladies nailing effective back and forth KOs on each other.  Both girls are out cold after a hard fought battle but Serena wakens first.  She goes for her final KO, smothering Sumiko’s mouth and nose with a chloroform-soaked cloth.  Sumiko struggles and manages to wrap her lasso around Serena’s wrist.  Sumiko pulls the cloth away from her mouth and smiles, using the suggestive powers of her lasso as she speaks. “After I pass out you’re going to sleep for a long time…” she says, and then proceeds to push the rag BACK into her own face for a self chloro KO!  Serena screams “NO!!” but it’s too late.  The rope’s hypnotic effects kick in as Sumiko falls asleep.  Her eyes flutter as she slowly fades, collapsing next to her slumber party pal…and everything fades to black.

The superheroine outfits are definitely one of the biggest draws for this clip. Both girls look awesome in them and I love them even more when Serena pulls Sumiko’s top up, exposing those amazing abs for some belly punishment. We get a good mixture of moves used during the back and forth battle as well as plenty of KOs with a couple of nice double KOs too. Just don’t expect the big pro wrestling moves like normal, this one’s not in the mat room and they can’t do that. Another great thing about this one is their selling. Both Serena and Sumiko sell this great, just a little over the top with a little twitching, a little tongue protrusion and great eye rolling.  Even though they are playing superheroines, they don’t use any power except for the magic lasso, which plays its part a few different times. Sumiko and Serena are both amazing veterans in this business and they again deliver another great video.

Overall Score: 8.5/10