Review of OVERKILL: episode seven

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVERKILL: episode seven – 29 Mins

SumikoA frustrated Sumiko is sick of the lack of competition at SKW lately…she rants at the camera and issues an Overkill match challenge to anyone in the SKW locker room. Unfortunately for her, Sapphire hears her speech and attacks, knocking Sumiko out with a quick neck pinch!   Sapphire happily accepts the challenge and proceeds to wipe the mats with Sumiko, using repeated attacks to humiliate and destroy the beautiful Japanese fighter!

Sumiko, in an overkill video? This is more past due then that high school library book, collecting dust in the corner. I mean you guys don’t need me to know that you need to see this one. It’s Sumiko, and it’s an overkill, of course this is going to be awesome. We get lots of the fan favorite Darri-air KO pose, plenty eyerolling, drooling, tongue protrusion. It’s a little light in the twitching department, but there is some, so I’m all good there. I like that Sumiko starts in chuck boots, then the boots are taken and she’s got the long socks one, and soon the socks go and she’s left barefoot. I think that should help satisfy more people that way and I like that the boots and the socks are immediately used as weapons. Anyway, most of you guys probably already grabbed this one and don’t need to me to tell you that you don’t want to miss this one. Next we need Anne-Marie to do an overkill.

Overall Score: 10/10