Review of OVERKILL: episode four

Review of OVERKILL: episode four

This is one for the ages, it combines the awesomeness of an Overkill match with the style and set up of a highlights video. It starts out with Takaiji standing over the KO’d Galas, who has her butt in the air and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Takaiji explains that a few hours ago Galas tried to sneak attacked her and to take her out. Then starts the highlight recall. Galas sneaks up on Takaiji and jumps on her back. Takaiji easily tosses Galas from her back to the mats. From her on it all Takaiji as Galas becomes her training dummy. Lots of wall splashes, belly splashes, a number of sleeper holds back to a back, belly punches, face punches and all topped off with 3 back to back piledrivers. The whole time Galas is selling it with great exaggerated reactions to everything. Eventually, we end up back where we started, with Galas KO’d with her butt in the air and Takaiji standing over her.

Galas did an absolutely outstanding job selling all of this and her body looks outstanding in every position. Takaiji makes beating up Galas look super easy. I love these kinda of reactions. If I had my choice, every video would have these kind of over the top reactions I Just can’t get enough of them and Galas did them all extremely well. So obviously, I think you all need to check this one out and it comes in just barely behind the jaw dropping performance from Jessie Belle for best clip of the update.

Overall Score: 9.9/10


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