Review of OVERKILL: episode five

Review of OVERKILL: episode five – 30 min

Luna Vera is back again and this time she’s here to take on Miriya in a best of 3 falls, overkill battle. SK explains the rules and than the battle is one. Luna gets advantage 1st with belly punches, wall splashes, kicks to the belly, while Miriya butt is in the air, and than she closes out the 1st fall with a bunch of body splashes. Next round Luna lets Miriya get a free shot. Miriya hits her with a nerve jab that puts Luna right out. Miriya than uses a bunch of nerve attacks to play with Luna, taking her in and out consciousness. Miriya finishes her off by freezing Luna and taking a bunch of free shots, knocking her out cold. Round 3, both girls go for a bearhug and they both go out. Than Luna gets a sleeper, but Miriya counters it with a nerve pinch and they both go go out again. SK calls it a draw, than he has some fun with them both, being inspired by Miriya’s nerve holds. He wakes them both up and gives them a face full of sleepy spray to put them down for the count.

I just love Overkill vids, it’s just a ridiculous amount of repetition, but I love how their victims goes out yet they continue to attack. Miriya and Luna both sell this to perfection. I’ve loved Miriya for some time now and Luna has don’t nothing but impress me every time i see her. Both girls have awesome shiny bikinis. My only complaint, at all is, even with just about 30 mins of action, I was sad to see it come to an end, it somehow still felt short. I would have love to see this as best of 5 instead of a best of 3. I could only imagine how much longer that would have made it, but when you got awesome talent, selling an awesome gimmick, who cares? Overall, this vid is amazing. I love this overkill idea, this girls are awesome and gorgeous and SK having a little POV fun was a great bonus at the end.

Overall Score: 9.5/10