Review of OVERKILL: episode eight

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVERKILL: episode eight – 31 Mins

EveWe fade in on Eve Avon and Diva Diamond moments before a brutal overkill match…one with multiple falls that can only end with MULTIPLE KO and post KO attacks before the final pin!  It’s one hell of a hard fought battle, folks…one that we’re pretty sure fans of this series are gonna love! Round one:  Eve dominates with TONS of belly blows, mini wall splashes, a running wall splash KO (with convulsing), multiple belly splashes to a KO, post KO splashes, and a final belly press 10 count pin for the win! Round two: Diva dominates with THREE back to back sleeper hold KOs (massive eyerolling skills from Eve), a double carotid finger jab KO, extended reverse neckscissors KO, post KO belly attacks, reverse dragon sleeper KO (with instant replay), multiple post KO elbow drops to the neck, and a final double leg drop pin combo! Round three: A double bearhug attack slowly weakens both wrestlers to a double KO, followed by both girls coming to and attacking with a double stunner that leads to a double “derri” air KO.  The round is a draw! Round four: The girls are exhausted.  Diva gets an early lead with a jab to the throat, multiple leg drops to the throat for the KO with post KO attacks. She goes for the pin but Eve manages to kick out and reverse a sleeper with a sudden kick to the face!  She removes one of Diva’s socks and proceeds to knock her out/wake her up repeatedly with two bare foot pressure point attacks.  She removes the other sock and ends it all with a DOUBLE pressure point attack that turns Diva into a drooling, eyerolling mess!  A final pin seals the deal…with Eve adding a parting blow to the skull, just for fun.

The winner:  EVE AVON!

One of my favorite series here as it is made for over the top selling. This one beings us a brand new addition to the SKW roster, Diva, who does a pretty good job at doing over the top selling and does really good while winning too. I hope to see more from Diva, but she is just out shined by Eve. If you haven’t ever thought of Eve as being underrated, this is definitely a performance that can change your mind. Eve absolutely kills it with the over the top reactions. She has a very expressive face which is great for both winning and especially losing. Eve is on the losing side for the majority of the match, but comes out on top in the end. I also love the outfits, the thigh high stocking are nice to see. We got some nice overkill action here from both girls, with Eve stealing the show. I definitely need to see Eve meet Tiny or maybe Black Velvets.

Overall score: 9.5/10