Review of On the Job Training

Review of Cali’s CustomsOn the Job Training – 29 Mins

CALIDiana Knight has been passed up for a promotion, which was given to the known office slut, Cali Logan. The two cross paths in the stock room and Diana decides to give Cali a piece of her mind. She beats her petite opponent until blood begins to ooze out of her nose. Cali is stripped to topless, and for some added humiliation, Diana removes her top to show her what a real set of tits looks like. After a long, hard beatdown, Diana delivers a final blow that sends Cali flying into a stack of boxes.

Man, talk about a beating, Diana is merciless with countless punches to the face and body of the tiny Cali. Really taking her sweet time beating the crap out of Cali and making sure Cali gets a good ear full of a verbal beating to go along with the physical one. Cali’s face looks that part too, like she was in a mismatched fight by the time Diana finally puts her out. The blood and the bruises look great, and you can’t help but feel a little sorry for Cali, who tried a bit to fight back, but never had a chance. Cali puts one a good show too, really selling the punches nicely and slowly wearing out, so by the end she can barely stand on own. This is a video for those who want a vicious, one sided, fisticuffs beatdown, with blood and bruises for added brutality and topless for added sexiness. I got to admit I really enjoy something just like this from time to time.

Overall Score: 8.5/10