Review of OFF THE HOOK

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOFF THE HOOK – 11 mins

In this intense custom battle, the powerful Trenesha COMPLETELY destroys the much tinier Alex in a one-sided squash that focuses on a few key holds…all designed to completely incapacitate the puny Korean beauty!

This vid is the old school, tried and true method of a squash. The much larger Trenesha just had her way with Alex and there is nothing Alex can do to stop her. In what feels like no time flat Alex is rolling her eyes and twitching for the first KO. Then Trenesha really starts to pour it on, as hooks into Alex mouth and uses her lips as leverage for her submission holds. Most of time it’s a camel clutch Alex is stuck in, with Trenesha switching hands and which way to bend her. After a decent chunk of time Trenesha KOs Alex again and again, Alex fights it, but does eventually pass out with more great eyerolling and twitching. Once she’s out Trenesha take an easy pin for the win. Overall, with some really painful looking submissions holds sandwiched between two twitchy, eyerolling KOs, I got to say this is a simple, but really great squash. It short, its sweet and it’s cheap, no reason not to check this one out between PPV updates.

Overall Score: 9.5/10