Review of Not Easily Put Down

Review of AntonNot Easily Put Down – 18 Mins

KarlieAggressive real estate agent Karlie sits at her desk, barking orders to her assistant over the phone. She gulps down an energy drink and gets even more intense. Rival agent Celeste shows up just in time to hear Karlie badmouth her. Celeste attacks Karlie and clasps a cloth over her face. Karlie, full of energy, fights hard. She manages to pull the cloth off her own mouth and press it against Celeste’s! In an outrageous and hilarious scene, the girls make their way across the room, repeatedly moving the cloth from one face to the other. Finally, Celeste pins Karlie down on a couch. With blackmail in mind, Celeste partially strips Karlie, fondles her and takes photos. Left alone, Karlie awakens and is pissed off. She grabs the cloth and attacks Celeste. Once again, the cloth goes back and forth between the girl’s faces until Karlie finally gets the better of Celeste. Karlie calls her assistant and, while she is distracted, Celeste awakens, takes off her shoes and uses her stockinged feet to grab the cloth and use it on Karlie!

This is a really great what to do a sleepy/limp play vid. I love how the girl’s battle back and forth, getting dazed every time they try to knock each other out. You can never tell who’s going to come out on top and they both fight hard to come out on top. It’s some much fun to watch and take bets to see who’s going to come out in top. You don’t see that very often and this is done really well. Celeste and Karlie both do an awesome job selling the KOs and acting, everything was very convincing, and they really put on quite a show for us. They also both look outstanding in the office clothes and even better when being exposed for the blackmail pictures. Karlie spends the most time out cold, out of the two and ends up napping in the end, which I was really happy about. I love Karlie a little bit more then Celeste, so I always want to see her KOs, and played with. Overall, this is a really great video, with a beautiful and talented cast, who really do an awesome job in this. You guys will love this.

Overall score: 9.5/10