Review of No Experience Necessary

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNo Experience Necessary – 17 mins

Sasha plays a young rookie who’s up against Keri Spectrum, who isn’t playing, a wrestling veteran. Keri is let loose to do as she pleases, totally controlling Sasha with many tight scissors, but also a bunch of other creative holds as well. Keri is very smug on top of the poor struggling Sasha. It’s 15 plus minutes of pure, one sided to torture, before Keri finally puts Sasha out of her misery.

This is a video i would call “based on a true story” becasue as long a Keri has been wrestling for it’s not a huge stretch, that the lesser exasperated, Sasha, would get completely dominated. Now, if I said it once, I’ve said it every chance I got. I love watching Sasha struggling, I love the faces she makes and I love seeing her beautiful body twist and squirm. That’s what this one is all about for me, Keri demonstrating her dominance, with her awesome cocky wit and overwhelming strength.

Overall Score: 8/10