Review of Ninja Knockout

Review of Ninja Knockout

Kayla Obey paces, all dressed up in her sexy ninja gear, guarding something with her life. Her ninja senses kick in as even with her back turned she can tell that someone has entered the room. She takes off her heels knowing there about to be fight. She puts her shoes aside and turns around springing forward towards the intruder. A fight ensues and the intruder is getting the best of Kayla, but Kayla isn’t giving up as she continues to fight back. The fight spills all over the room as the fist fly. Kayla get the advantage and just when you think she got him, he kick out her legs, grabs her by the hair and snaps her neck. She struggles a bit, seemingly paralyzed on the floor as she fades away. The intruder now searches her skin tight gear, for who knows what, before carrying her around a bit than placing her on the couch. There the search continues and he moves her limp limbs and body around trying to find something hidden in her tight clothes, getting a few “pleasure squeezes” along the way. Satisfied that she’s not hiding anything, he carries her around some more that leave her laid over the couch to search the rest of the house. He come back later to collect her, carrying her over he shoulder and out of the house.

One of the things that Kayla and her boyfriend do really well is fight scenes. I have seen a number of them a the are really well done. This one is easily the most competitive and the most fun to watch. A good editing job too, as good sound FX go a long way in my book. Once the fighting is all said and done, the limp play begins. Another aspect in which Kayla excels and not only that, this could be the sexiest outfit I’ve ever seen Kayla in. At the end Kayla is left laying over the back out couch for nearly 90 seconds without anything happening, the camera even stopped moving. Not sure why the camera stopped moving, but that’s a little too long. Other than that, this vid is spot on and really exciting.

Overall Score: 9/10


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