Review of Nina’s First Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNina’s First Match – 11.5 mins

FWR is proud to introduce our newest fem, Nina, as she enters the ring to face off against the powerful Sassi! Nina may be new but she’s strong enough to force Sassi into the corner to slam her knee into the muscular girl’s belly then snap mare her to the mat for a chin lock followed by a surfboard. Sassi cries out in pain and quickly finds Nina covering her for the pin! But Sassi has been in too many matches to lose that easily and manages to kick out, only to get yanked to her feet by the hair and posted in the corner for a boot choke and one legged scissors. Nina’s powerful thighs have Sassi moaning in discomfort until she gets released only to find herself in a tight camel clutch! But when Nina pulls Sassi to her feet for a head lock, she finds out why Sassi is one of the top pro wrestlers around! Sassi pounds Nina in the belly and escapes to drop the hispanic beauty with a clothesline. Then it’s Sassi’s turn to bring the pain with a head scissors and a body scissors/dragon sleeper that has Nina’s eyes rolling! But Sassi isn’t done yet and releases Nina to put her in a bear hug, fireman’s carry, two snap mares, and a final sleeper hold. Sassi gets the pin and victory pose over the unconscious woman … but we’re sure that you’ll find Nina to be a definite winner as a new fem at Fem Wrestling Rooms!

Another new fem at FWR and she starts out with the tall task of taking on Sassi. Nina looks strong and starts out as such, giving Sassi a little trouble to start. It’s good to see Nina start out in control, I think most of her time at FWR will be on the dominate side of things. The experienced and very strong Sassi comes back and in good fashion, making Nina look like a featherweight, picking her up on her shoulders and walking around with her up there and making it look easy, very impressive. Nina also does pretty well as a jobber, giving us some decent reactions and definitely looking good too in those awesome converse boots. When it’s all said and done, Sassi stands tall flexing, as Nina takes her first loss, but no one can blame her for losing to Sassi. A good first impression for Nina, she’s pretty good at winning and losing so far.

Overall Score: 8.5/10